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Why a New Grading Ordinance? PDF Print E-mail

In November 2007 the Board approved the existing grading ordinance (Appendix J to the Building Code) and asked that the following revisions be made to the ordinance:

  1. Make the County responsible for all grading permit issuance and enforcement, including grading under the Hillside Erosion Control Ordinance (HECO).
  2. Revise and incorporate the HECO provisions into the grading ordinance.
  3. Ensure the protection of waterways and wetlands from adjacent grading activities.
  4. Improve grading enforcement to include Civil Administrative Penalties and an appeal process.

Upon review of the existing grading ordinance it became clear that the current ordinance needed improvement in three respects that necessitate a complete rewrite in order to meet the Board’s objectives.  Those three areas are:

  1. Exemptions and the ministerial permitting process can be strengthened by limiting the degree of subjectivity
  2. Loopholes allow substantial grading activities to occur without any regulation; and
  3. Several existing regulations are unnecessary.
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